Beyond the Beer


Beer is the spotlight at Brigids Bottleshop however, we have fun for everyone!



We offer a constant rotation of wines.  We will always have 1 red, 1 white, and 1 rose to offer you!


Blood Orange Dry Soda

Watermelon Dry Soda

Purity Organic Lemonade

Purity Organic Lemonade/Iced Tea






Kettle Chips

* jalapeño*salt & vinegar*salt & pepper crinkle cut*

SPUD fresh fried, hand cut potato chips with light salt

Uncle Buds Fried Peanuts



Underberg Bitters  

An herbal and alcoholic digestive beverage

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~We are always interested in adding other snack options!  If you are a local food distributor, and you think your pre-packed snacks would go well with beer, please email us at